Our Cities are shaped by a variety of forces—social, economic, cultural, legal, political, ecological & aesthetic. The Urban Design Studio at DKA addresses the larger scale of urban problems through formal techniques and application of knowledge from complementary areas of expertise such as real estate, law, and the history of urbanism. DKA's design studio works with the Urban desing studio to induce strong aesthetics into master planning & conceptualisation of communities, neighbourhoods and campuses.

Urban planning as a discipline has been strongly influenced by a belief in social change and a desire to either diminish or eradicate the manifold inequalities that characterize cities and the societies in which they are embedded. As planners and policy makers we embrace a normative approach to urban planning that combines progressive planners' traditional focus on equity and material well-being with more recent concerns such as diversity, participation and sustainability to establish a better quality of human and urban life within the context of a global capitalist political economy.

Featured projects showcase physical, social, cultural and economic revitalisation of communities.

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